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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Virginia does it again

Yes, in all of it's profound wisdom and well-thought moves, as reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the House of Delegates of Virginia approved a measure to create a license plate with the words "TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE" and a symbol of two interlocking rings on a heart.

Surely the pro-family groups are cheering. Having this statement on a license plate is really going to change society. Heck, I bet if Jesus was alive and owned a car He would get this plate! Obviously He would see that family would be stronger because of this license plate and would agree that it was a step in the right direction!

Contradiction: A prominent Christian organization in Richmond has a policy with its employees that is anti-family. While the Bible sits in plain view, Moral Contradictions has learned that this organization considers an employee that works 39 hours "part-time". Thus, no benefits. That policy has the resulting employee and their spouse in a situation where they live paycheck to paycheck. Both are in graduate school (both pursuing a Master of Divinity, no less!) and the employee may not be able to attend classes this semester because of financial concerns.

Which of these policies will hurt families more?


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