Moral Contradictions

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Virginia's on crack!

A column in today's Washington Post raises a good point about the General Assembly of Virginia... how can a state that does not want to enact red-light cameras, ban guns in child care centers, or restrict teenagers from using their cell phones while driving all because of privacy issues... how do we justify fining someone for wearing their pants too low?

The columnist explains the commonwealth is willing to dictate what you do in your bedroom but (heaven forbid!) won't enforce public safety laws when you run a red light because we're concerned about your privacy.

Let me get this straight... Virginia can restrict what you do in private, yet protect your privacy when you're in public?

"You're looking for consistency?" said Del. Brian Moran (D-Alexandria). "As long as it matches their views, they're more than happy to get into our lives. Searching for intellectual consistency won't get you anywhere."

The funny thing is, a Democrat introduced the bill.


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