Moral Contradictions

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bush vs. Bush and the Political Game of Life.

As President Bush said, the Schiavo case is very complicated, resulting in this blogger scrambling to find the correct and concise words to type this entry.

This article mentions how Congress's recent action is a reaction and reflection of their conservative base. Essentially, since Republicans control everything at the federal level, the fundy's will be upset if they fail and Schiavo dies.

However, this article states that in 1999 then-Governor Bush of Texas signed a right-to-die bill.

If Terri was in Texas, she would be allowed to die. But she's in Florida and she can't.

Thus, unless some unexpected developments occur, politically everyone has a good chance of having an egg on their face. Congress will disappoint the fundys if they can't save her and the President contradicted himself to please this particular support base.

Read both articles... they get past the "WHAT'S THE LATEST STATUS OF THE CASE!" articles.


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