Moral Contradictions

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Do wha?

With Senator Potts running as an independent against Former Attorny General Jerry Kilgore and Lt. Governor Tim Kaine, this election may actually focus on issues that really matter.

Instead of having a "values" fight and debating gay marriage and all that, we may actually have an election where the candidates debate real solutions to real and concrete problems.

Two interesting tidbits. One, the Richmond Times-Dispatch quotes Kilgore's campaign that this will hurt Democrats. The article even prints a quote from Kaine's campaign that acknowledges that Pott's announcement reveals deep divisions within the GOP. Yet, it does not directly take the next logical conclusion and explore how Potts will hurt Republicans and help Democrats. The Washington Post, however, gives a slightly more accurate analysis. A letter to the editor in The Free Lance-Star explains the setup.

Has the Republican Party moved so far to the right that moderates are forced to vote for someone else? Apparently Sen. Potts thinks so.

Numero Dos: Kilgore exclaimed that he is more like Governor Warner than Lt. Governor Kaine.

Wait. *cough*. *cough again*. You're a Republican? He's a Democrat. Are you acknowledging that he's been a great governor even after you've railed against his decisions for the last couple of years?

Break out the waffle iron... to symbolize the waffle you're becoming and to beat some logic into you.


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