Moral Contradictions

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Just a thought...

I've been thinking about Jerry Falwell's past and his 180 degree turn between the 1960s and now regarding politics and religion. As I mentioned before he said in 1965 that "Preachers are not called upon to be politicians but soul winners. Nowhere are we commissioned to reform externals."

Apparently the caveat is that preachers are called to be politicians if it suits their beliefs and furthers their goals. Falwell was criticizing the most vocal preachers of that era: black preachers calling for civil rights reform.

So it's not okay for black preachers to vocalize support for civil rights but it is okay for The Great Reverend and his forces to speak out on today's "moral issues"?

Am I not the only one who sees this contradiction? I cannot be so bold to throw out that big "R" word, but I do wonder if he's ever been held accountable for this reversal over the years.


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