Moral Contradictions

Monday, March 21, 2005

/Obligatory Schiavo post

Morally I'm torn. I think the way she is dying is cruel. However, living for that long in a vegetative state against her will, if that is indeed her will, is cruel as well. I also have to side with the husband in this case of that whole "a daughter shall leave her parents and become one with her husband" bit.

Lesson learned here: Power of Attorney. My wife and I are going to get this taken care of soon so in those unexpected and unfortunate situations, should something terrible happen, one can act for the other, no question.

Also, say Terry Schiavo did indeed wish to die... there has to be a more humane way than starving her to death.

Finally, to all those crying "Who are we to play God?"... where are you when we execute criminals?


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