Moral Contradictions

Friday, March 18, 2005 article is very open on what side of the aisle they stand on. Regardless, they have a good article titled "What Would Falwell Do?" (you may be forced to watch an ad) which explores what happened to the religious left (or progressives, my preferred term).

Amy Sullivan summarizes the shift of Falwell-ites who heard in 1965 from The Great Reverand that "Preachers are not called upon to be politicians but soul winners. Nowhere are we commissioned to reform externals." The relgious left of that time was embodied by figures like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who wed social issues within a religous context.

Yet the results of Dr. King's movement combined with the Roe decision and the yanking of the Bible out of school convinced Falwell and other like-minded Christians to organize and get politically savvy.

The result? The article states it at the beginning. The current administration is focused on helping the rich-folks while leaving the "Lazarus's" of the country out to dry.

Jesus would've approved of that. It says so in the Bible.


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