Moral Contradictions

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Some questions I'd like answered:

Questions for plain ol' conservative lawmakers:

Why do Republicans fear Big Government when they hijack the natural order of due process to impose their will, especially for a private family matter?

Why do Republicans profess strict constructionist philosophies concering the Constitution yet run roughshod over their beliefs to interfere in a private family matter?

Why did Congress rush back from recess for one individual yet were coerced to come back into session to act on the proposals from the 9/11 Commission?

Why is the Republican majority of Congress, who derided Democrats for abusing their power when they were the majority, abusing their power in the very same ways?

Questions for social conservative lawmakers:

Why does President Bush insist that we "err on the side of life" despite a previous job of overseeing the highest number of executions in the country? Why is that state in a hurry to execute quickly instead of looking through every shred of evidence that may in fact prove that they don't have the right criminal?

Why isn't every life sacred? Who are we to judge when we should expend so much energy to save someone while we execute others? Who are we to forget about those poor and homeless who are living but reside in the squalor that is the basement of our society?

Is it okay to play God in a matter of revenge but not if they're unborn or incapacitated?

Is it okay to forget the writings about Jesus's earthly ministry to the poor, the sick, the homeless, and the outcasts yet spend so much time on issues about which the Bible isn't clear about to advance personal and political gain?

Why do we cut taxes for the nation's most wealthy yet cut Medicaid benefits to our nation's poorest?

Why are we the richest nation yet have some of the poorest people?

How are we able to live with ourselves?

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