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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tim Kaine, Judge Greer, and monkeys

//First and foremost, the United States made a huge mistake after the Civil War by letting Florida back into the Union. How many crazy stories come out of there each year? Elian, the 2000 election, Terri Schiavo, etc... Plus, how much money goes to clean that place up after hurricanes? What was it, 4 last year? We have beaches elsewhere, let them deal with their own weird stuff by themselves.//

Since Lt. Governor Tim Kaine has personal beliefs against abortion and the death penalty yet swears to uphold the law if elected governor, he could learn several lessons from people not capable of understanding nuances in regards to Judge Greer upholding the law in the face of his beliefs.

First, some background as to how "Christians" are treating their brethren:

Greer left his Baptist Church after consulting with the pastor. Previously he pulled his money and his attendance dropped after the Florida Baptist Witness, a publication closely affiliated with his church, wrote scathing editorials against his decisions in the Schiavo case. Joseph Farah believes that the pastor is a hero.

He's described as a conscientious, honest, compassionate, and a good Christian. He's received death threats, has an armed security detail, and the courthouse installed another computer just to handle the mass of emails critical of his decisions. So-called Christians have left dead flowers at his door and staged protests in his yard.

Why is he such a dirty rotten man? Because he was faced with the tortous situation of keeping the laws he swore to uphold in the face of vast and unexpored areas of morality. He did not "legislate from the bench" and do what so many Christians rail about other judges doing. He weighed the facts against earlier decisions, current laws (or lack thereof), his legal training, and his beliefs and accordingly ruled.

What can we (and Kaine) learn from the onslaught Greer is enduring?

1. Either you agree with the Christian Right's interpretation of the Bible or you're simply wrong.
2. You must inject your personal beliefs into every decision you make at the risk of your career else you're a disgrace as a Christian. Heck, you may not even be a Christian at all!
3. In order to save a life, sometimes you have to kill a judge.
4. Everyone is qualified to be a judge, even if they didn't go to law-school. It's probably festooned with evil-elitist-liberal professors.
5. Related to the fourth point, everyone is going to criticize you because "they could do a better job".
6. If we were to follow the Bible exactly in these types of situations (which we can't because it doesn't reference this case) should we force convicted rapists to marry the person they raped and not be allowed to divorce? Should we go back to stoning people as well?
7. People watching CNN for 3 weeks know more about the case than someone spending years reviewing the issues.
8. We're only allowed to play God when we execute people, but not in any other circumstances. Life is precious. Remember that, or you'll get death threats.
9. Monkeys are evil and should be fileted, not grilled.


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