Moral Contradictions

Monday, March 07, 2005

Time to postpone that move to Kansas...

Good news for Virginia - Everyone's now laughing at Kansas. In a classic example of "We dislike the government and taxes except when telling others how to live" the state's Christian fundy's are pursuing a large political agenda encompassing the three traditional issues: abortion, evolution, and homosexuality.

"Any clear-cut moral issue that God has spoken on is worth defending.", so sayeth Pastor Jim Conrad of First Baptist Church, Shawnee.

Apparently God doesn't use the church to change society but the government.

The contradiction? The article states it very plainly:

Observers say religious ideology has helped keep Kansas a Republican stronghold, despite the fact that much of the state is rural and populated by working- and middle-class families, the exact demographic Democrats say are hurt the most by Republican fiscal policies.

Meanwhile, over 750,000 people in America won't sleep under a roof tonight, millions in Africa are dying from AIDS, and millions in this country work 40+ hours a week and live without healthcare.

Because we all know what Jesus would be focusing on if He was on this earth today.


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