Moral Contradictions

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

41 years ago...

With a degree in history (plus several classes in political science and theory) I must look at the beginnings and causes of contemporary issues. What happens today is usually the current result of a long path of events and actions taken in the past.

For intance, the fundamentalism that is rife today began in the late 1960s and 1970s. Our country underwent a large upheaval during the 1960s which affects nearly every issue now.

I have a book that I picked up at a library book sale for $1 a couple years ago. The title is "The Great Contemporary Issues - Political Parties". It's a collection of newspaper articles from what I'm assuming to be the New York Times, since they published the book. I'm currently reading through it to find anything which helps put today's problems in a clearer context.

In an article titled "Rockefeller Says Rightists Imperil G.O.P and Nation" the New York Governor lambasted Barry Goldwater and the party's tactics to garner votes in the face of stiff Democratic opposition in the 1964 election.

The New York Governor asserted he was "deeply disturbed" by the "ruthless, rough-shod intimidation" and "tactics of totalitarianism" at the biennial convention of the Young Republican National Federation...

The Republican party, Governor Rockefeller asserted, would "destroy itself" if it adopted what he said was being "seriously proposed" as a 1964 campaign strategy. This, he said, would "write off" Negroes and other minority groups, the great industrial states of the North and the big cities, and appeal primarily to the South and West with "the outlawed and immoral base of segregation" and a "cloak of so-called 'states rights.'"

I give you a map of the 2004 election results and ask if there is any correlation between then and now.


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