Moral Contradictions

Friday, April 29, 2005

Dear Alabama... that was a joke, right?

Alabama State Representative Gerald Allen wants to censor books... *ahem*, he wants to protect "the hearts and souls and minds of our children."

He introduced a bill to the state legislature which would ban all books written by gay authors or if the book included a gay character. Previously criticized for its broad scope, he narrowed the bill's focus so that Shakespeare and other classical books would not be banned. Yet, apparently he can't define what a "classic" is and was forced to exempt college and public libraries.

However, under the bill, say goodbye to Tennesse Williams, Gore Vidal, Truman Capote, and the like. "It's not healthy for America, it doesn't fit what we stand for," says Allen. "And they [homosexuals] will do whatever it takes to reach their goal."

Excuse me? Who is this "we"? Who are you speaking for? For all the people you're speaking for, do they agree with this step? Or is this yet another alarmist and reactionary piece of legislation which just damages us all? Why not work on finding constructive and concrete ways to advance your agenda? Instead of stopping the so-called "homosexual agenda", why don't you figure out a way to produce an alternative that is appealing and truly "healthy for America"?

There's a reason why people think you're backwards, and it's because of such "progressive" and forward-thinking legislation that you and your entire state is ridiculed by the rest of the nation (save for Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi... heck the former Confederacy plus Kansas and Indiana.)

Article here - Note: The bill died. Countdown to when a similar bill is introduced somewhere else... 3... 2...


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