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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Judicial Activism and its power-drunk frat party

As Republicans and the Religious Right sharpen their swords in this Crusade To Take Back America (by 50 years), they are ratcheting up their rhetoric saying that the employment of the filibuster by Senate Democrats is an act against "people of faith".

The key date is April 24 as Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist travels to Kentucky to participate in an anti-filibuster telecast sponsored by the Family Research Council. Notables also taking part are Dr. James Dobson (Spongebob is gay!) and Charles W. Colson (Watergate felon turned prison evangelist).

Some history on the filibuster: It's been used by both parties to delay different kinds of bills over the past 110 years or so. Naturally, the party out of power uses it to the chagrin of the majority. article about the history of the filibuster and its relevance to today.

An article written in 2002 (before this mess) to shed some light on its use and history.

UPDATE: I came across this press release from Pax Christi USA, the "national Catholic peace movement", and they sum up pretty much the stance I have on this particular issue...


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