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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rant on political commonsense in D minor

This doesn't specifically address Virginia politics, but definitely suits it. These rants are primarily used to help dump what's on mind onto something tangible. If it makes someone think and reconsider their own beliefs, whatever they are, then that's awesome.

"If life matters, prove it"

I am disgusted at all the money spent by Christian groups on proving Creation or disproving evolution, all the money to have abortion illegal, and all the money spent to block gay marriage and then to hear a government reject tax breaks for the working poor or whatever because "that's not what government is supposed to do". I'm tired of any issue that helps the disadvantaged being labeled as "left-wing". I'm tired of having a loud and vocal minority of Christian fundamentalists claim to speak for all Christians, including myself, when instead they're discrediting the true nature of Christianity. I hate having to write stuff like this to fellow Christians and citizens and ask "what does it all matter?". If the far right wing faction of the Republicans view that our government's primary function is to lower taxes, protect guns, protect unborn babies, kill murderers, and legislate our bedrooms, then we're in trouble. If the "right to life" movement only covers those just entering or leaving life, I pray that I'm not the only one that can follow the logic and see that we need to protect those who are currently alive.

The 'Why?' paragraph aka "Asking To Much"

Why can't we approach each other as human beings, accept each others beliefs as valid (even if we strongly disagree) and come to the table and compromise? Why not say that evolution is a theory but God could have used that as a tool in his Creation? Why criminalize abortion when we can focus efforts on giving choices for adoption, explaining how sex works and how one gets pregnant, and giving tax breaks to young single mothers? Why spend all this time blocking gay marriage as a threat to the "institution of marriage" and start working on the legitimate threats to marriage? Why not start working on our own marriages more? Why not spend all this time and resources and actually solve some concrete and everyday problems?

Down to a personal note
I recently married my amazing wife and we're currently starting to think about buying a house. However, low salaries and the high health insurance rates are proving obstacles that we have to overcome. When we start having children I want to work only one job relatively close to my house. I want my wife to stay at home if she wishes. Why? Because I want to spend time with my family. Why? Because that strengthens marriage. The family is the most basic social system of our society... the family begins to break down when both parents work a full-time job combined with long commutes and stresses over paying bills. It's these people who look at their budget and say "by George if I wasn't paying as much in taxes we'd have more money!". If they would step away and instead say "We'd have a better quality of life if we could afford to spend more time at home."

The witty zinger
Let's get off the bully pulpit and stop playing God and start continuing Jesus's work on this Earth and work on real family issues.


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