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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Richmond may not be as backward after-all...

Last night my wife, father, and I accidently crashed a members-only screening of the movie "Mystery of the Nile" at the Science Museum of Virginia IMAX theater. (We wanted to see Harry Potter and didn't see any information that it was not showing... can't argue with free though!)

The director of the museum, Walter Witschey, opened the screening with news and tidbits about new exhibits and whatnot. He mentioned the "teapot tempest" regarding IMAX theaters and "controversial" movies, as previously mentioned here. He mentioned the Times-Dispatch article and deemed it fairly accurate.

However, the article gave the impression that the SMV caved into pressure from the Religious Right not to show the film. That indeed was not the case.

As the article mentioned, the reason the SMV did not choose to air the film "Volcanoes" was that a year before they screened the film before two test audiences and they received a "lukewarm" response. Witschey went on last night to say that the exact words were "dull, boring, not so great". Thus, the museum will not show the film because there are countless other films to show that are more exciting and that will bring more viewers.

I'm assuming that what he said last night was the truth because this was in front of people who give a fair amount of money to the SMV. I learned a lesson of reading in-between the lines of newspapers and it further ingrained the lesson that just because the words are in print doesn't make them true.


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