Moral Contradictions

Monday, April 11, 2005

Some simple questions on my mind...

After a busy, productive, yet relaxing weekend, time to re-focus this blog. I definitely did not expect the bruhaha that occured last week, but nor do I intend to shy away from it. Instead, it's time for undisputable facts to be found instead of dancing in circles talking past one another. Granted, there's generally no winning an argument with a politician, because, well, they're convinced they're always right. Else, they wouldn't be running for office to right the wrongs they perceive. Anyways, I'll be monitoring the election in the 54th as well as following other primaries where the "so-called liberal" incumbent Republican faces a challenger. If I find anything, I'll post it here and ask questions and then let anyone who wishes to take it from there... I want to keep this up on the high road yet took a bit of turn into the fray that is election politics... back up the hill to observe and stimulate thinking among my "choir"... all 3 of you.

Oh, I bought Jim Wallis's book over the weekend, God's Politics... Thus, many posts in the next few weeks will probably stem from that as I slowly read it at night...


  • Why are abortion and gay-marriage the only "moral issues"? Last time I checked, economics is a moral issue, health is a moral issue, education is a moral issue, poverty is a moral issue. If one can state that the government can protect un-born children and marriage, it can certainly protect the hungry, the un-insured, and the disadvantaged. From a true Christian standpoint based on the fundamental teachings of Jesus, one cannot ignore the social injustices committed around us everyday. (Rephrasing of question: On your way to protest abortion to the state capitol/White House/etc, how many homeless people did you step over and walk by?)

  • How, after splitting with Northern counterparts over slavery 160 years ago, is it that the Southern Baptists are closely aligned with Republicans today, a party started to eradicate slavery? (The answer is not simply "times have changed"... this must be contemplated over the course of history our country has taken since the end of the Civil War).

  • Following that, how is it that the Southern Baptists were the only "mainstream" Christian denomination to come out for the war in Iraq? (As a Baptist myself I cringe at the inner-politics of the Convention... why else do you think I started this blog?)

  • Why are people still trying to make Terri Schiavo's plight a black and white issue when it clearly isn't?

  • Why can't we as human beings engage others as human beings? Terri Schiavo has turned into an object, a political and moral football if you will, and that is simply not respecting her dignity as a person. Heck, I'll assert that it isn't "pro-life".

  • Why must people feel the need to pursue their "pro-life" agenda by killing abortion doctors and threatening Judge Greer? (As one of my ministers at the church I grew up with and a reader of this blog says, "I'll take a crazy guy with a gun any day over a calm 'pro-life' activist contemplating murdering an abortion doctor".

  • And last but not least, why is it so hard for Shaun Kenney to open up his FredTalk posts? :)


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