Moral Contradictions

Friday, April 22, 2005

Something good out of Arkansas????

Sen. Mark Pryor's comments on the filibuster rule change have not been picked up by main-stream media. Why should they? Because he's an evangelical Christian lashing out against the telecast being taped Sunday against the filibuster.

From Alternet (imbedded in an article about right-wing Catholics) Sen. Pryor said:

We have a responsibility as Christians to be the salt and the light and make rhetoric, not be so vitriolic and quite so divisive. These folks are entitled to their political views, but it's presumptuous for them to think they represent all Christians in America, or even all evangelical Christians.

I cannot find the report the article refers to, but the story continues to say that the conservative Arkansas Family Council refused to sign off on an attacked ad aimed at Pryor and Arkansas's other senator, Democrat Blanche Lincoln because it was "too confrontational".

At least there are some people who don't resort to simplistic and hot-headed emotional appeals to advance one's agenda no matter the cost (or the moral contradictions).


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