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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Update on the 54th primary

I'm still working on questions for Shaun Kenney to do an interview. I have never been a good interviewer so I'm painstakingly writing questions which cover areas that need to be answered. I want to remove any bias one way or the other and ask fair questions. I'm also trying to do as much research as I can with internet archives and other Google tools so that I prove that I actually did graduate from college and can ask intelligent and relevant questions.

All this while working a 40-hour week job, starting a business, expanding another business, and growing a new marriage. Wow. Plus, I have to occasionally let my aggression out and play GTA3 every now and then. hehehehe... err... :)

Contrary to an earlier statement by Mr. Kenney... "When you suspend your account at FredTalk, your posts are deleted. Simple as that. Not much else to add." (link)

...I learned that "...if you do leave (FredTalk), your posts would remain." That came from Brian Baer, which I'm assuming is the same person who deleted all 8,688 posts. (The assumption is wrong if two Brian's handle forum moderation).

As I've said before, I really did not anticipate to get into all of this. I simply wanted to know why an infamous FredTalk poster had thousands of posts deleted 6 weeks before he announced his candidacy for public office. I made my assumptions, wrong or right, not realizing anybody read this blog and allowed the blog to diverge from its focus. I wouldn't have paid attention if he wasn't from my hometown. With all of that said, I welcome the chance to submit my questions and interview a candidate for delegate. Questions will be posted soon and I won't comment anymore on this until then.

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