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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Virginia CMA awards - this November!

If you search Yahoo!, MSN, or any other search engine within the Yahoo Overture network, for Jerry Kilgore, you can download his latest hits! Apparently he's put out some good country tunes:

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The great thing is that they have outbid the real Jerry Kilgore at $0.16 per click versus $0.15. Even Tim Kaine's anti-Kilgore ad draws a paltry 4th place behind "# Find Jerry A Kilgore $9.95 - Get current information on this person instantly."

Ostensibly, $0.15 is too high for Kilgore on his own name, but "virginia governor" is worth $0.18, 7 cents higher than the - you guessed it - vote for Tom Kaine ad.


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