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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Vote for Tom Kaine!!

I know this is a bit out of the scope of this blog, but taking a spin on tsuredzuregusa since I have access to both Google and Overture advertising sites for, I'd figure I'd check the bids for the top two gubernatorial candidates.

In Overture (which covers MSN, Yahoo, etc), Tim Kaine is second in sponsored links under the Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee's plea to vote for "Tom Kaine". Wow. Kaine is being outspent by a penny as his bid is at the minimum of $.10 a click. Notably Jerry Kilgore has not taken out an ad under the search result "Tim Kaine".

Kilgore however is spending $.15 a click on his name to assure that "Find Jerry A Kilgore $9.95" and "Find - Instant Search" won't leap from $.11 each and rank higher. Kaine has his "wiped the floor" ad at $.10.

Another fun fact... 915 people searched "Tim Kaine" within the Overture network during January while 1001 people searched for "Jerry Kilgore" and all related during the same period.

Google is a little bit harder to ascertain the exact amount for bids. However, when I entered both candidate's names to try to figure out the "optimal" cost per click (which promises to show up in the top position 85% of the time) $.05 is currently the 1.0 spot for both names. Again note that Jerry Kilgore has taken out an ad on Tim Kaine's name only in Google while Kaine has Kilgore pegged in both Overture and Yahoo.

I'll try to track any changes and see if any bidding wars ensue...


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