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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The 54th needs debate, not spouting

...or knee-jerk reactions either.

I've been following the FredTalk politics board for quite some time now. Currently 7 of the 35 threads deal with Shaun Kenney, the primary challenger to Bobby Orrock.

Kenney's blog states that he is embarking on a "two-week push on conservative issues". Let's consider how he began his campaign blog and then follow the defense and critiques over at FredTalk.

On March 30 Kenney posted Family Foundation Reports, where he slams his opponent for supporting SB 1338. The General Assembly site describes the bill as "relating to group accident and sickness insurance coverage", yet Kenney charges it as "anti-family".

I'll summarize only some of what's being said over there and leave the rest to personal investigation.

Discomike on FredTalk tries to argue the line given by the Times-Dispatch and Kenney that the bill's true intention is to allow benefits be extended to gay partners. He asks why the bill doesn't specify blood relatives in its wording and that if the bill was meant for non-immediate relatives, why didn't it state that? He then accuses the bill as being the product of "back door politics". (If you don't like my summary, read through all of the threads and only then comment)

Rational comes to common sense's defense and answers the questions with "Because your family is not just blood relatives. There is no way to define relatives that does not leave out someone. As I noted before, I've SEEN 'disabled former spouse' as a covered relative." His followup post is a good read as well. Rational is the same person who wrote " a conservative, I am pretty uncomfortable with Shaun's candidacy... I don't think District 54 needs an inexperienced delegate who needs to do some serious learning on the job."

Rational claims to have worked in the insurance industry for 5 years in the underwriting department. In earlier posts he says the bill brings Virginia into line with the 49 other states that allow companies to extend benefits to members outside the immediate family, like nieces/grandparents/etc. (More FredTalk debate about this)

Rational concludes the second post with:

Whoever is making up "gay rights" fantasies about it ought to be ashamed. There are so many real families that are "collateral damage" when politicians demagogue these issues. I'll say it again - whoever is doing this should be ashamed of themselves. This was a family-friendly bill, NOT a gay rights bill.

If you live in the 54th district and are looking for information about the candidates, please read the material here on this blog (search "Shaun Kenney" or "Bobby Orrock") or go to the FredTalk political forum and spend some time there. Shaun Kenney posted 8,688 times there over 2 years and had his posts deleted 6 weeks before his campaign began. He is the last person the FredTalk admins allowed this luxury. He lied to me, saying that "When you suspend your account at FredTalk, your posts are deleted. Simple as that. Not much else to add." That's not true. He specifically had to ask to have his posts deleted. If I started an account, posted 8,688 times, and then wanted to delete my account, my posts would still remain.

He has a long history over there. I personally believe someone who wants to go into an "open-government" environment as a public official should welcome honest and truthful examination of all his records. How else to judge their character? The deletion of the posts, the lying, and the criticism of those folks on FredTalk who debated him in the past 2 years all raised my suspicion. He argued what the big deal was over deleting the posts. I argue what's the big deal with letting them be?

Does the 54th need change? Maybe. Should it be Shaun Kenney? Only if you want a candidate that has been criticized for misinterpreting bills, hiding his past, and lying
. Bobby Orrock may deserve to be criticized, but pulling the "anti-family/gay rights supporter" rhetoric doesn't fly, especially when it misses the truth. If you want to criticize someone and attack their record, don't delete yours and hit below the belt!!! People, how hard is this to understand?

Bobby Orrock is a Christian. He even has his own Christian radio show. Shaun Kenney is Catholic. Kenney and his supporter's accusations over the last few months smack of hypocrisy with a strong dose of mis-characterization. Standing as a holier-than-thou judge and smearing one's record for being "too-liberal" and "anti-family" is wrong. Which is why I'm covering this primary and you need to follow up on these links and make your own decision.

Again, say what you want, but please thoroughly read through all these posts before commenting. I welcome those who wish to debate and not spout the typical anti-Orrock rhetoric. My brain is tired of hurting.


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