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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Another article on Rev. Creighton Lovelace

Rev. Creighton Lovelace of Danieltown Baptist Church of Forest City, NC, is unapologetic for the sign outside his church stating that the Koran needs to be flushed.

From the NC Baptist News:

The Daily Courier, which serves Rutherford County, quoted Lovelace as saying Baptists have no creed but the Bible, but "we do have the Baptist Faith and Message that says that we should cling to the 66 books of the Holy Bible and any other book outside of that claiming to know the way of God or claiming to be God's word is automatically written off and is trying to defeat people from the way of true righteousness inside of our viewpoint in how we view the word of God."

I'll go ahead and quote the part of the article summarizing Lovelace's bio:

Lovelace, who graduated from high school in 2000, claims four degrees, including a doctor of theology degree, from "Slidell Baptist Seminary" in Slidell, La. The unaccredited correspondence school offers degrees ranging from $500 for an "Associate of Theology" to $900 for a "Doctor of Divinity," with "all lectures on cassette" and the King James Bible as the only textbook. Lovelace obtained the four degrees in less than 15 months, according to school records.

An active member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Lovelace posted a petition in 2001, proposing a constitutional amendment that would allow North Carolina to secede from the United States. In the petition, Lovelace expressed concern that the U.S. might allow homosexual unions and abolish churches, necessitating secession to preserve Christian principles in the state.

In 2004, Lovelace was listed as a state sponsor of a resolution authored by T.C. Pinckney and Bruce Shortt. The resolution called for the Southern Baptists to pull their children out of public schools, which it said were "run by the enemies of God," and to give them a "thoroughly Christian education." The resolution was not adopted by the SBC. It was also proposed to the BSC resolutions committee, which did not recommend it for adoption.

Wow. Along with a couple of facts of the church, let's summarize that, shall we?:

  • He's incredibly young for a pastor
  • The church averages 15 for Sunday School and only 52 resident members (271 are on the rolls as of 2004).
  • He wants North Carolina to secede from the United States (again)
  • He rambles more than me
  • He "completed" 4 degress from "seminary" in 15 months. My wife has been in seminary for 8 months and still has at least 25 to go, for one degree.
  • He's against public schools because they're run by "enemies of God", yet ostensibly a "thoroughly Christian education" can be bought for less than $900.

Alrighty then.

Don't miss my post concerning this subject and moral contradictions in the condemnation of Rev. Lovelace or the post summarizing the damage he's inflicted.

Updated: (1:15pm EDT) - Rev. Lovelace has apologized and taken down the sign


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