Moral Contradictions

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fundy Watch: A step (finally) in the right direction?

Think Progress writes that Pat Robertson is featured in an anti-poverty television ad, suggesting that perhaps he has read the other part of the Bible about helping others (judging others from a pulpit is soooooo 1990s... gotta get with the times!).

It also mentions Robertson's financial ties to Liberia's former scandal-ridden president Charles Taylor. Robertson had more than $8 million invested in a gold venture of which Taylor's administration received a nice cut. Taylor was being charged for war-crimes in Liberia and Sierra Leone while Robertson defended him as a "fellow Baptist" and "a fine Christian".

The post also conjurs up a Washington Post article written in 2001 about the situation. Robertson's man in Liberia stated "Dr. Robertson has no more of a relationship with President Taylor than any foreign business investor in the United States can be said to have with President Bush."

The article goes on to state that the assertion is in no way true and
Think Progress nails the moral contradiction on the head with this question:

How could Robertson defend a war criminal like Charles Taylor who has blocked peace and development in two countries and claim to be for eradicating extreme poverty?

Read the full post and decide whether Christian values are on full display here.


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