Moral Contradictions

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

GOP Family Values at its finest!

When I'm a 58 year old married Republican congressman from Pennsylvania, I'm going to give my 29 year old female friend a back rub and then strangle her. I know my wife would love that. I'm going to deny anything happened, deny there's nothing weird with inviting her over and giving her a backrub, and going to deny having a relationship... maybe admitting to a "casual" acquaintence. Even though I've known her since 1999.

I believe that is the epitome of squeaky clean good ole' fashioned family values. Oh, did I mention that I would be a congressmen? Did I mention that I would routinely vote on such "family values" issues? Why would you call me a hypocrite? You're just using partisan politics to attack my beliefs for personal gain. You're part of the liberal left-wing conspiracy, aren't ya? Pinko.

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