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Saturday, May 21, 2005

James Watts bone of contention with the "Religious Left"

Former Reagan Administration Secretary of the Interior James Watt has a real bone to pick with the "Religious Left" in today's Washington Post. The title "The Religious Left's Lies" says it all. He focuses on the Religious Left's alliance with environmental groups.

I'm disappointed in the article because he seems to be lashing out at folks who have attacked him instead of seriously fulfilling his column's title. I believe it should've been called "How I was burned by the Religious Left and this is why I dislike them".

I'll use this opportunity to state that I feel like I do not fall under the "Religious Left". Certainly in comparison, many in the so-called Religious Right might characterize me as "the left" because that helps fit me in their "black and white" box of comprehending what I'm writing. When facts are presented and the entire political spectrum acknowledged, I'm not that far off.

I appreciate those who have acknowledged where I am coming from: the middle. From reason. From moderation.

Moral Contradictions really does defy convention as I feel like my personal political beliefs do. I've voted Republican in the past and I've voted Democrat. I'll probably always bash the majority party simply because they are the ones in control.

I'll always bash the Religous Right as long as they seem fixated on taking over the government and repealing "the homosexual agenda" and abortion. I do this with the thought in mind that I believe we as Christians answer to a higher calling... a more purposeful and spiritual mission. There's more to Christianity than writing your Senator and going to church.

Are we here to save souls or condemn them? If we are here to save them, then lets meet people where they are at. We show them how we live, what we believe, and then combine the Holy Spirit with their own "free will" and pray they make the correct decision. If they do not, we respect that and continue praying for them.

We need to lead by example and not coercion. Telling people how to live is worthless the first time a "Religious Right" politician has an affair or "comes out of the closet" or some other sin is revealed. People see and understand hypocrisy and rebel at its first sign. Making government holier-than-thou denies that we are all equal sinners in the eyes of the Lord, our real and only judge.


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