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Monday, May 23, 2005

Jesus said: Build a museum that proves Creation...

...for that's what the focus of the gospel is...

By now many of you have heard that Ken Ham has spent 11 years and $25 million dollars to help the poor and feed the homeless... oh, what's that? Oh right. Let me start that over...


By now many of you have heard that Ken Ham has spent 11 years and $25 million dollars to build a museum dedicated to proving Creation.

"People will get saved here," Ham said of the museum. "It's going to fire people up. If nothing else, it's going to get them to question their own position of what they believe."

Ham is ready for a fight over his beliefs - based on a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament.

"It's a foundational battle," said Ham, a native of Australia who still speaks with an accent. "You've got to get people believing the right history - and believing that you can trust the Bible."

Among Ham's beliefs are that the Earth is about 6,000 years old, a figure arrived at by tracing the biblical genealogies, and not 4.5 billion years, as mainstream scientists say; the Grand Canyon was formed not by erosion over millions of years, but by floodwaters in a matter of days or weeks and that dinosaurs and man once coexisted, and dozens of the creatures - including Tyrannosaurus Rex - were passengers on the ark built by Noah, who was a real man, not a myth.

That's great, but again, let me ask: Were you there? No. Neither was I. Neither were scientists. Isn't that enough to maybe reconcile your beliefs with the fact that maybe God used evolution to create us? What about the 2 accounts of Creation in Genesis? Will your faith crumble if you found out for instance that Creation didn't happen exactly as it said in the Bible?

Mine won't. The Bible doesn't have to be 100% inerrant in order for me to believe. I'll stick with the more clearer and relevant statements, such as "Blessed are the meek" and "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and follow Jesus example of humbly serving others.

Maybe I'm wrong... but I'm not going to spend $25 million to find out.

On a side note, anyone find it funny that Rev. Jerry Falwell compared the museum, when open, will be "a mini-Disney World"? Does that mean Southern Baptists shouldn't go?


  • Thank you for raising fundamental questions to fundamentalism. Creation is not the fundamental issue, but faith, repentance, baptisms, and eternal life are. I am so amazed that a group of educated people would follow the math of a Bishop Usher who lived 1581-1656 and wrote his estimate of the age of the world. We do not today think that the earth is orbited by the rest of the universe. We do not bleed people and rarely apply leeches for medical treatment. Why would we follow the speculation of a 17th Century bishop? A 17th Century bishop who was wrong, How can these people deny the Sphinx and the dinosaurs? Most of all why do they limit God to their poor reach of mind and limit God to 6009 years? All of science properly understood reveals God to be a Creator of great power, eternal(a time scale beyond our comprehension), and of laws and rules of order that exist in the smallest forms of matter and in the greatest extent of the universe. Believers who want to express faith in God and not beinconsistent with the two creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2--these believers can believe that God created the process by which everything--the layers of the earth, the rocks, the seas, the land, the fossils, the extinct creatures, and all that we now see whether freshly created or evolved, was created--believers can praise and honor God as in the hymn: "Let all the hills in every corner sing, My God and King."
    --Priest David

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, May 24, 2005 7:13:00 PM  

  • Amen. Thank you for your thoughts.

    By Blogger Nathan, at Wednesday, May 25, 2005 8:35:00 AM  

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