Moral Contradictions

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A letter to Waylan Owens, vice president of planning and communications at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

(Here you go Chris) :)

Dear sir,

After reading your column, I would say that you probably believe that Christians voting for Democrats is a moral contradiction.

That's a fair argument, yet I cannot support a party that gives credence to policies that exploit foreign workers so we can wear Abercrombie and Fitch. I can't support the whole-sale raping of God's earth for pure economic gain. I don't understand how tax-cuts have benefitted the poor while gas prices and housing costs have soared the last few years. I'm not comfortable with millions of children and adults without access to adequate health care, even though many of them work hard for a living.

I contend that neither party is perfect and fits a true "Christian" party. One needs to look at what Jesus would focus on if he was walking around in today's world. If you feel Jesus would condemn gays and abortion all the live long day, vote Republican all you want. If you feel that Jesus would help the poor and the sick and work for justice (wait, he did do that, didn't he?), then vote Democrat.

Obviously that's a simplistic way to look at issues, but that's what you preach, isn't it? Black and white. Right and wrong. Us versus them. Yet, I've learned the age-old adage "the truth is usually found somewhere in the middle" and I reject the tenets of your arguments.

Do not...I repeat, do not tell me that if I voted Democrat I voted against God. Do not tell me that I "cannot call [myself] a member of a church that stands against abortion and then actively support abortion through [my] politics.”

That is a fundamental misrepresentation of people who voted for Democrats yet call themselves Christians. It probably pained most of them to do so in that regard, yet felt the greater good would be achieved through that party.

A further admonishment to all Christians and church leaders and one I hope you begin preaching: God's Kingdom will not pass through Washington DC. If everyone put as much effort into "Christian politics" as they did to "furthering God's kingdom" maybe we wouldn't have the problems we do.

Nathan White


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