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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Operation Hands on Ear - Refuse to Listen

I've been out of the loop in regards to the bruhaha surrounding President Bush's visit to Calvin College, so I apologize for being late.

President Bush - the President who has refused to admit mistakes and go against his church's official stance on Iraq, recently got a surprise. He spoke at Calvin College, a liberal-arts Christian school, for their graduation.

Let's just say the red carpet had a few stains. Not everyone there agrees with his policies in regards to the poor, the war, and more. (hehe) Not everyone agrees with tying his Christian faith and stating that it undergirds his decisions on these policies. Many are smart enough to understand that he is neither divine nor speaks for God, even if he feels that he must have a perfect judicial nomination record and never admit error.

I applaud those at the school for calling the President out on the hypocritical nature of his Adminstration's actions and priorities. I applaud people speaking out for their opinions, even if they are different or unwelcome. Hey, this is a democracy, right?

Why did he go to this small college? Has he stereotyped the Christian community as Dobson-ites and felt he would be comfortable? Did he wish to branch out from visiting fundamentalist schools like Bob (no inter-racial dating!) Jones University? Or was it simply because Karl Rove's grandmother and her two sisters attended the school?

I'm going with the second choice in that he wishes to move toward the center to garner support for his upcoming goals. I believe he's smart enough to realize that the Christian community is deeply divided and the hard-right Christians, while vocal, are a distinct minority. I think he realizes that not everyone who supported "moral values" in this past election agree with Dobson, Robertson, et al, and he needs to attend to their needs.

Will it work? With 1/3 of the school's faculty introducing politics to a typical happy-go-lucky graduation ceremony along with hundreds of protestors turning out against him, it could be too little too late.

And we will watch.


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