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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Preview of posts to come

I'm thinking about starting a multi-part (read: multi multi) series of posts dealing with Baptist Heritage: also known as "Why are us Baptists so weird?". The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant denomination and generates the most controversial news coverage. In addition, there are many other groups which label themselves Baptist. Thus, for me personally, I believe I need to understand the history of my beliefs.

Where did we begin? How did our theology form? Who were the big figures of Baptist history and heritage? Those are only the beginning of questions I'll be exploring.

Why does this matter?

With a degree in history, I'm a firm believer that everything that occurs today is rooted in the past. Just as you look up at the sky and see a single thunderstorm roll by, seemingly going its own way, should you take a glance at the Weather Service satellite image you get a sense of the bigger picture.

Additionally, I hope to answer just what is to be a Baptist. Are Baptists the same as they were 200 years ago? 100 years ago? 15 years ago? I believe the answer is "no", but I want facts to support that.

Within this I seek to deepen my own understanding of my past and beliefs and how they apply to current situations. I invite anyone and everyone to read the posts and offer their input. I'm no great scholar... I'm somewhat flying by the seat of my pants. I do have the advantage of having a wife who just finished Cecil Sherman's "Baptist Heritage" class at BTSR, but I'll be incorporating other sources as well. Any comments or disagreements will serve to challenge myself to dig deeper, so again, I welcome any input.

I just came up with the idea tonight... I hope to have 3 posts a week and go from there. I'd like to give myself at least a week's head start, so bear with me (all 3 of you).


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