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Monday, May 09, 2005

Some facts on the "Baptist Ouster"

Fact: Oct. 3, 2004, Rev. Chan Chandler stated that "If you vote for John Kerry, you need to repent or resign."

Fact: This kicked off a 6 week series that ran through the election.

Fact: The sermons focused on John Kerry and why he was evil.

Fact: Last Sunday was the first Sunday in months Chandler did not preach on politics.

Fact: Chandler invited the entire church to a deacon's meeting with the intention of establishing a quorum to begin a business meeting.

Fact: Doing this, he broke the church's by-laws by not announcing the meeting from the pulpit 2 weeks in advance.

Fact: Not all of the "Original Nine" are Democrats... one is a Republican.

Fact: On why the one Republican was kicked out: "Our memberships were terminated because we did not agree to have a political church...I did not vote for Kerry."

Fact: The kicked out, for the most part, have attended the church for years and some were deacons.

Fact: 11 were targeted. It takes a 2/3 vote to kick out members... with 40 to 11 odds, 9 walked out before the vote.

Fact: They are in fact kicked out, as one member who left the meeting before the vote called the church clerk the next day and found his name stricken from the membership rolls.

Fact: As the 9 left, about 40 members clapped and "hooted" in celebration.

Fact: With the filibuster mess happening and the Bush Adminstration reportedly planning for two Supreme Court vacancies... this is only the beginning.


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