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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Summary of faith-based politics in the Va Governor's campaign

The youth minister at my home church and also a good friend directed me to an article over at Ethics Daily that summarizes how faith has thus-far played a role in the 2005 gubernatorial campaign.

He described the website as the political arm of moderate Baptists, therefore automatically lending it credit as the words "moderate" and "Baptists" don't often end up in a sentence together these days... unless it ends with a "will burn in Hades faster than an oil-slicked duck playing with matches".

I believe it's a fair look at the two main candidates. Among other things, it addresses how Kilgore is trying to exploit Kaine's nuanced beliefs in regards to the death penalty. The article also notes how Kilgore raised eyebrows in 2003 after okaying morning-after pills in public colleges without parental consent... despite Southern Baptists, his denomination, denouncing the pill.

[Apparently today is "Long Sentence Day".]

It's a good read.


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