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Monday, May 02, 2005

That "whiffing" noise is the overall lack of sympathy

Think of some of the biggest news items over the past few weeks. Pope. Schiavo. American Idol. Filibuster. In the end, do those 4 items affect us as Average Americans on a daily basis?

The MSM talks about gas prices whimsically yet politicians still don't have a clue. The traditional response is "well, if you adjust them for inflation, prices aren't as bad as they were in the 70s". After that history lesson my wallet feels better already.

Have there been any stories about how real wages compare between now and then? There's a vast sociological aspect to this story that deserves attention. We're only starting to get the stories such as Domino's charging for delivery... what's next? The MSM likes posting photographs of the $3/gallon in California while the oil companies post record profits and wealthy senators don't even take a second glance.

As a general principle with the new bankruptcy laws, I'm for taking more personal responsibility for one's actions. However, I am concerned about the lack of protection for victims of identity theft and high medical bills. That probably deserves a post all unto itself.

Which segues me to health insurance. I hope and pray that someone up in DC will take this cause and run with it. Investigate ways to make it more affordable and available. I'm not advocating health insurance from the government (gasp! that would be socialism!) but rather creative ways in dealing with the situation. As demonstrated before... small real wages, no health insurance, fiery car crash or some other traumatic accident... bankruptcy. Something within that chain of events should be fixed.

Finally, deficits. A couple of weeks ago Alan Greenspan said he expects tax increases to cover the massive deficit our nation is running. Whaaaa?

Am I not the only one who sees a potential vicious political cycle? Republicans rape the government and treasury and pass huge tax-cuts and enormous corporate incentives (cough*Halliburton*cough), ruin the economy after 4-12 years, get voted out because of economic issues (see Bush Sr.), Democrats inherit the resulting mess, must raise taxes to narrow the budget shortfall, and then get voted out because they raise taxes. Rinse, repeat, and lather.


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