Moral Contradictions

Monday, May 30, 2005

Welcome to the Fuggers

I noticed my traffic spiked up today... as someone who's been reading the FredTalk Politics forum for some time now, I am (I think) honored to have a thread started on this site and others.

So anyways, welcome!

And Burgajoint... there are many differences between Mr. Kenney and myself, and you can be assured that is one of them... :P

Also may I ask if you wish to post any more pictures... could you not hotlink them? :) Bandwidth costs yada yada yada... you know the drill.

Seriously, thanks for of all your comments so far, thanks for your input, and thanks for wanting to have a discussion instead of a yelling match.

All this state needs is another Dick Black or Bob Marshall in the House. Oy.


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