Moral Contradictions

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Who are these people of faith?"

This article's a week old or so, but still good. Definitely follows the same vein this blog does.

It goes through and re-hashes the whole bit about Dobson and DeLay saying that the Supreme Court is out of line, even with 7 of the 9 appointed by Republican nominees.

Best line (and the moral contradiction):

In 1986 the Rev. Jerry Falwell, after calling South African Bishop Desmond Tutu a phony and unsuccessfully soliciting support for Philippine President Marcos, vowed never to support another presidential candidate as he had Ronald Reagan because it was "too polarizing to unbelievers. We're going back to where we were before Moral Majority." Note how long that resolve lasted. In 2004 Falwell warned that Christians could vote only for George W. Bush.

Yet another contradiction to add to my salvo of Falwell quotes.


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