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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yet another article about the nuclear option

The Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg, Va printed an article that apparently was written some time back, since it references Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's visit to the Justice Sunday telecast. The tenets of the article are still applicable as it stresses the need for Democrats to fight back the religious right with, well, religion.

Basically, the religious right have succeeded in their goals with introducing religion back into politics. Now, normally religious spats previously argued in church have made their way into the political arena. This could backfire on Republicans as more and more moderate Christians realize that the brand of religion currently being preached runs counter to what they believe, myself included. (That whole exclusion of other faiths and denominations, vitrolic judging of others, no women pastors, interpret the Bible the same way I do or else you're not a Christian... all that).

The writer gives several historical examples of religion being used for political purposes, only they dealt with moral issues such as slavery and labor exploitation. As one who loves history, this article is a must-read for Christians and non-Christians alike.

A couple of paragraphs near the end of the article that I deemed the most important:

Instead of telling Republicans to leave their religion out of the judicial nomination battle, then, the Democrats should challenge the nominations on religious grounds. One of the nominees, Janice Rogers Brown, has suggested that minimum-wage laws might be unconstitutional; a second one, William G. Myers III, has cast doubt upon the constitutionality of the Endangered Species and Clean Water acts. All of these federal regulations interfere with the “right to property,” you see, which these jurists view as sacrosanct.

But there’s another view, derived from Scripture itself, that says they’re wrong; that poverty and pollution—like slavery—insult the majesty of Heaven; that God shall save the children of the needy; that the meek shall inherit the earth; and that Jesus was more than a utopian dreamer. It says that the Lord wants us to share our wealth, and to care for each other.

And if the Democrats can’t bring themselves to say that, God save us all.


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