Moral Contradictions

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

40 years of legalized birth control

Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and stick my head in the sand. It's so much easier than writing this blog, because then you don't have to acknowledge folks out there who use the government to tell others how to live.

Wisconsin Republicans want to rid all college campuses of emergency contraception. Another bill allows pharmacists to deny fulfillment of prescriptions of contraceptives. Democrats countered with a proposal to protect women's access to birth control. I'll deal with the second bill below...

Folks, this is the reason I started this blog. Aren't these the same Republicans that cry for small government, yet want Big Brother to make personal decisions for us? Am I the only one who questions this un-holy alliance?

Let's extend the logic a little bit farther: If couples should resort to "natural methods" in making decisions regarding when they have children, shouldn't it be illegal for couples to pursue fertility treatments? Are those natural?

Additionally, why are we talking about restricting women's decisions regarding sex while our society endures endless commercials for drugs to give men erections harder than Calculus 3?

I know some good people who don't use birth control and some good people who do. Both sides have very good reasons behind their decision.

Did you catch that? Their decision.


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