Moral Contradictions

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another definition of what this blog is about...

... or "Why I got on Shaun Kenney's case especially after he lied to me". Take your pick.

Alan Stewart Carl of The Yellow Line commented so eloquently in a post over at Charging RINO that sums up why I continue this blog:

I know many of these social conservative Christians want to reform politics. But in the history of mankind, religion has never reformed politics. Politics merely corrupts religion. A lot of people are so worried about the encroachment of theocracy, while I'm much more concerned with the debasement of Christianity. Christianity is not about gaining power over others but politics is. I could go on and on but I won't preach. These socially conservative Christians probably truly believe they are doing God's work, but they are only leading their flock down a badly chosen path.

It is their right, of course. And it will also be their loss.

I've said here before that Jesus changed the world under a paganistic Roman government and a local theocracy. The only interaction he had with the government was against it, and they killed him for not toeing their line. He fundamentally altered history simply by moving amongst the people and reaching out to the sick, the poor, and the down-and-out.

Why do I get so bent out of shape over the "Christian Right"? Because I believe that so many Christians who identify themselves with that group have thrown all of their eggs into that one basket. By going to church on Sunday and voting for Bush on Tuesday and sending money to Right-to-Life on Friday, they feel that they've done their Christian duty.

We have a higher calling. By stealing the focus of Christianity away from helping and loving others to taking over political offices, Christianity is the greatest threat to itself. Spending 11 years and $25 million dollars to create a Creationist museum and spending millions of dollars and man-hours to fight filibusters doesn't seem to fulfill Jesus' call for our lives.

Why can't we just move amongst the people, serving them, loving them, feeding them, and try to change lives one by one? Oh nevermind, we'll legislate morality and just tell people how to live. Because that strategy worked with Prohibition.


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