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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Far-right Republicans win state-wide, yet not in the 54th

Sorry this is late... been house-hunting all day.

Looks like a hardcore conservative GOP statewide ticket with McDonnell, Bolling, and Kilgore respectively winning the Attorney General, Lt. Governor, and Governor nominations.

However, Shaun Kenney lost to Bobby Orrock in the 54th district. Apparently that victory party at the HoJo in Massaponax needs a new name. As much as I would have enjoyed plotting Kenney's moral contradictions as his arrival in Richmond destroyed his fantasy world, I have to say that I'm pleased with the result.

Will this be the last of Kenney? Probably not, especially as he maintained his chairmanship of the Spotsylvania GOP... however, it's a small victory for centrists and common-sense moderates tired of the "Grand Old Party" being perverted into "God's Official Party".

I'm monitoring to see how other Republican incumbents survived the VCAP/conservative challenge... Check out the rest of the election results.

Update: I couldn't stomach the website of VCAP (Virginia Conserative Action PAC) and never spent much time there... apparently they were banking on Kenney. Many speculated he was their best chance to produce a winner, yet he ranks just below the Governor and Lt. Governor candidates and above the Attorney General. Interesting...

2nd Update: The Free Lance-Star has an editoral that withholds endorsement yet blasts Kenney's mud-slinging. Shaun, since Mr. Orrock had taken stands that you had valid issues with, why did you go for the low-blow? Doesn't seem to be very nice, now does it?


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