Moral Contradictions

Saturday, June 04, 2005

I hope I'm not the only one that sees this...

...but I'm getting tired of Friday evening press releases by the government of controversial subjects. For instance, last night they announced that at Gitmo, a Quran was splashed with urine, among other things. It was also allowed to get wet, it was defaced, and one detainee was told that the Quran belonged in the toilet.

This on the heels of the Defense Department's refusal to announce recruiting numbers until next Friday after business hours.

Why release these stories so late in the week? To skirt public scrutiny. It's an old Beltway trick. If you're forced to admit something that looks bad, do it at the end of the week and avoid the heavy criticism. Less people pay attention on weekends. Less people watch news. Less people read newspapers. Less bloggers are at their computers.

My parents raised me to own up to my mistakes and accept the consequences of my actions. The White House's smearing of Newsweek and then less than 2 weeks later validating their story is wrong. Blaming Newsweek for single-handedly causing deaths in Afghanistan while over 1,600 American soliders and 12,000 Iraqi citizens are dead is wrong.

Smearing and then later telling the truth when its convienent is getting old.


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