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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mark Warner impressed me

Politically I identify as an independent... one can call me a "centrist" or a "moderate". I'm of the personality that I can't deal with the crap that goes on with politics - just give me the straight poop.

Mark Warner's interview with was very thought-provoking. He came to speak to my class with Dr. Holsworth at VCU in last spring and he's very engaging and genuine. This quote expressed my misgiving with the post-9/11 response by the Bush Administration:

There are a lot of things I disagree with the president on. But I think the president's biggest mistake, and I think he's made it twice, once right after 9/11, and once after the Iraq war started, is that he never called on this country for any level of shared sacrifice.

He never called on us to greatness. He never called on us to say, "We are at war, our nation is under assault, and here's what we're going to do." It could be energy independence. It could be "We're going to be the best educated workforce." It could be "We're going to rebuild this infrastructure." It could have been anything. People all across this country were yearning to be called upon. Instead, we were told, "We're going to give a tax cut. We're not going to worry about the nation's finances." And the only people who have been asked to sacrifice are our men and women in the Armed Forces, and they're disproportionately our Guard and Reserve, who make up about 52 percent of our people on the ground in Iraq.

And I think, again, Americans know that. They know that in their gut. Whether it's finances or whether it's, "If we're going to be in this war for some time to come, we're going to have make some level of sacrifice to maintain not only our own national security but our global position in the world." And I think Americans are ready to step up. A little bit of truth telling goes a long way.

I would have bought President Bush's arguments for going into Iraq had he not given 27 of them. I would have supported the Patriot Act if I had not read of police and prosecuter seminars where folks taught how to use the Act for non-terrorism crimes. I don't identify with a party and I'm suspicious of all politicians because I want the truth to be told. Unfortunately, politics and honesty mix like a rabid cat with a shotgun at a Hollywood celebrity party.

Figure that one out... :)


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