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Monday, June 20, 2005

Rep. John Hostettler - 2nd grade @ House Elementary

From DKos: Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN) made a statement this afternoon on the House floor regarding religion in the military that "The long war on Christianity today continues on the floor of the House of Representatives... don't get me wrong, the Democrats know they shouldn't be doing this. Democrats can't help denegrating and demonizing Christians".

Specifically he was referring to the fundy takeover at the Air Force Academy and the bias against non-Christians.

Rep. David Obey (D-WI) took exception to the comment, apparently made in an inflammatory manner, and asked that disciplinary action be taken. Hostettler retracted those words. Yet... he still said them.

Excuse me, Mr Representative, there is more than enough name-calling coming from your side of the aisle. There are plenty of Democrats who identify themselves as Christians. Stop shrouding your narrow and strict hardline interpretation of the Bible as the only way to be a Christian. Stop pretending to speak for all Christians. Stop perpetuating childishness on the House floor and start respecting other people's rights to worship as they wish, not just your way.

Stop perverting Christianity in front of the national spotlight by allowing the infusion of politics to garner attention. Stop taking away from the millions of Christians of both parties who focus on helping and loving others like Jesus did instead of taking over the government.

Jews of Jesus' time looked to Him to overthrow the Roman government, yet He still changed the world by moving below the government straight to the people.

So Rep. Hostettler... just stop it.

Update: This is the same Rep. Hostettler who prefers advancing God's Kingdom and wasting taxpayer's money by circumventing Supreme Court rulings to keep a Ten Commandments display up at the Gibson County, IN courthouse.


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