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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

VCAP score-card

Blogger's being a freak... the table I'm referencing is here. Please excuse the inconvenience, but check it out as there are some good numbers.

It's a list their candidates (in order from their site) with how they fared, what their total VCAP contribution was, how much they got last minute (after June 1), and the percentage of their total donations that came from VCAP.

The Virginia Conservative Action PAC has an endorsed candidates webpage. They formed in response to the tax-increase supported by Republicans in 2004. Their goal is to support the "conservative voice" against "moderate and liberal politicians [who] often posture as conservatives".

They've given a ton of money to their favorites. Before June 1, the PAC shelled out over $386,354 overall... $329,658 went to these endorsed candidates, or 85%. Between June 1 and the primary they spent $105,288 in last minute cash infusions.

Bob McDonnell is the only state-wide candidate to receive money. I guess the reasoning for stiffing Kilgore and Bolling is either because they had enough money or they were sure they'd win.

VCAP constituted the majority of Shaun Kenney's donations and accordingly received the most, yet still lost. Chris Craddock is being claimed as the only real victory for conservatives and VCAP made up nearly a third of his donations.

Discounting McDonnell, $46,093 of their donations went to winning campaigns out of $133,745 spent, a percentage of 34.5%.

I've had internet issues all day and haven't been able to really analyize the numbers... I'll let them speak for themselves and add insights as I go along. Additionally a couple of races don't quite have 100% reporting and I'll double-check them over the next couple of days.

Yet, at first glance... 34.5% doesn't seem like a passing grade, now does it? Maybe straying from the issues and going for the homophobe agenda by distorting facts wasn't the best plan?


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