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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Christianity's Greatest Enemy is From Within

A few last things about Eric Rudolph via Jesus Politics.

1. From Deacon Tim: The dangerous mix of martyrdom and murder that motivated Rudolph is the “Christian” flipside to the “Islamic” suicide bombers that murder people everyday in their war against the Great Satan, America. But Eric Rudolph no more proves that Christianity is itself a religion of hate than the London Tube bombings prove the same about Islam. The problem lies not in religion itself, but in the twisting of religion into its sinister twin: the belief that one is right and must kill “infidels” or “apostates” whose beliefs differ from one’s own.

You don't hear an uprising from the Christian community against his actions. Via Juan Cole:

Thomas Friedman will not write an op-ed for the New York Times about what is wrong with white southern Christian males that they keep producing these terrorists. He will also not ask why Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are not denouncing Eric Rudolph every day at the top of their lungs.

No reporter will interview frightened Iraqis about their fears at hearing that there are 138,000 armed Christians in their country belonging to the same faith as the bomber, Rudolph, some of them from his stomping grounds of Florida and North Carolina.

Daniel Pipes will not write a column for the New York Post suggesting that white southern Christians be put in internment camps until it can be determined why they keep producing terrorists and antisemites.

George W. Bush will not issue a statement that "Christianity is a religion of peace and we will not allow the Eric Rudolphs to hijack it for their murderous purposes."

Frank Gaffney will not write a column for the Washington Post castigating the Republican Party for appeasement in surrendering to the terrorist threats of radical Christians, by now opposing reproductive rights.

Max Boot will not point out that if the United States could only keep the Philippines in the early twentieth century by killing 400,000 Filipinos, than that was what needed to be done, and if the US can only beat back radical Christians by killing 400,000 of them, then that may just be necessary.

Pat Buchanan will not write a column blasting King George III for having promoted the illegal immigration into the American south of criminal elements, whose maladjusted descendants are still making trouble.

2. Eric Rudolph's statements/manifesto (Christian Alliance for Progress blog). The scary thing? A certain comment left by "hermance":

Rudolph is a good man; he had the right idea. You must fight violence (murdering innocent babies) with violence. Diplomacy is folly now.

The OT says that those who kill deserve to be killed. Thus, Rudolph and attempted murder of lunatic abortion doctors.

I can kind of understand the logic, but the next comment by "Dave" takes that logic to its... er... logical end:

So what you're saying is: killing is so wrong, that you're gonna kill someone for it? Hmmm...

Well, don't forget to include Eric himself on the "deserve to be killed" list. And you too, if you follow in his footsteps. And then someone will have to kill whoever kills you, of course, and then someone will have to kill that person, and so on until no one is left on earth.

And this sounds like a good policy to you?

My head and heart hurts.

Update: I may have been duped with sarcasm, which surprises me because I'm usually pretty good at catching (and using) it myself. I followed the link to hermance's blog and questioned the veracity of the comment, but even still... I hope and pray people like that don't exist.


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