Moral Contradictions

Friday, July 15, 2005

Heart-wrenching contradictions

Up until now I had the utmost respect for Bethany Christian Services, (their site is overloaded right now...) a Christian based adoption program. I know people who volunteer and another couple who serve as foster parents for newborns while they are prepared for adoption. The folks do a worthy job for a worthy goal. However, Bruce over at Mainstream Baptist points out a troubling fact. The agency does not accept applications from Catholics.

Read that again. Make sure you read the original article.

Then read this: In Mississippi the agency receives money from the "Choose Life" license plate revenue.

Then think about this: The very same Catholics who may have bought these plates to give money to this agency cannot adopt through the agency.

Why? According to Bethany, they do not agree with their Statement of Faith.

Folks, don't you think this is a little bit much? Wasn't Christ inclusive? Since when have elements of Christianity feel like they the right to turn inward and pick and choose who and what they deal with? For a group that has the word "Christian" in its title, who are they to determine who is Christian and who isn't? Aren't Catholics Christians as well? Wasn't Catholicism THE CHURCH for 1500 years? How many Catholics are there in this country? Just because someone doesn't agree with you theologically doesn't mean they aren't Christians or they aren't "worthy" enough to pursue common fellowship.

Since when have "Statement of Faiths" risen above the Bible in determining who is a "Christian"?

As Bruce says: "This is another good example of why it is wrong to grant faith-based organizations receiving government money an exemption from civil rights laws."

I really want to respect this organization because I have seen the good things they do first-hand. However, I cannot get myself around a policy that strikes me as arrogant and exclusive... those two elements don't belong in Christianity.

Update: Since their website is slow and even Google's cache is slow when grabbing their site, I finally got their Statement of Faith to load. I re-hosted it on my server, so read away.

Update 2: Okay, I admit a couple of things in the Statement of Faith really bother me, especially in light of the agency's total discrimination of Catholics.

1. This statement, near the end, especially gets to me: I believe that the Christian Church, as the community of believers, has an obligation to protect, preserve, and enhance life as fully as possible for each person, born and unborn, from the beginning to the end of life.

So are Catholics not part of the Christian Church?

2. At the very end: I, along with all followers of Christ, believe and wait expectantly for the triumphant return of Jesus Christ our King.

So... Catholics aren't part of the Christian Church and aren't followers of Christ?

I really want someone to counteract me, because I really hope I'm wrong.

Update 3: Use this link from Google News to keep track of who reports this story. So far the Washington Post picked it up, among others.


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