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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm a contagious geek...

My sister now has a blog: Inspired thoughts @

The store was busy after the holiday and we were without internet (there's a very special warm place for Comcast after the Day of Reckoning), so I feel like I've missed a day. I would like to introduce another new blog I've added to the oh-so-fabled right column: The Emmaus Theory by Dr. Mike Kear. I look forward to going back and reading earlier posts and following his updates.

Dr. Kear followed up on my post on Rushdoony and other Christian theocrats with more Pharisee Sayings. Scary stuff.

If you really want the desire to stick your head in the sand, read some quotes Dr. Bruce Prescott found over at Mainstream Baptist:

Charlie Meadows, a former talk radio host in Norman and current president of the influential Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, boasted of being a theocrat saying,
"I very much support a theocracy, but not an ecclesiastical theocracy," he said. I don't want all Baptists or all Assembly of God. What I would like are men and women of high moral character and integrity seeking to govern according to the principles of God."

He added, "I don't think the founding fathers meant freedom of religion outside Christianity."

Bill Graves, a former State Representative who recently had to relinquish his office due to term limits, said: "One thing I got from reading Rushdoony and Russell Kirk is that the state is a religious establishment."

I'm still baffled by someone coming here and saying that Dominionism is a bunch of baloney.


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