Moral Contradictions

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sin is sin is sin is sin

Many fixate on the obvious as sins: murder, stealing, lying, abortion, homosexuality... you get the idea.

How many believe greed is a sin? Many of you have already red the column in Baptist Press by Erich Bridges "Invasion of the Residential SUV's". I personally have witnessed huge houses going up in booming suburbs such as my hometown... I've pulled up to gas pumps where the previous SUV just drank $50 of gas. As I sit here with my wife in my small 600 square foot ghetto-ish apartment on this rough side of Richmond, preparing to move to our cute yet modest house a few miles away... as my wife and I drive our awesome gas mileage and maintainence free Honda Civics... as my wife and I prefer to have money go into savings as opposed to throwing it away on rent or a huge mortgage... I marvel at the folks who must be up to their ears in debt.

For the most part we all have debt... but I can't imagine the stress of maintaining a lifestyle where if life throws one curveball, everything starts to unravel. I once worked with a man who lost his job, which led to him losing his house, then his car... and he was barely holding on to a seedy hotel room.

I want to know that my wife and I have an emergency savings fund, retirement, and college savings for our (future) children. I want the lack of stress in case one of us can't work for a while and our income temporarily drops. I want to feel like I can give a modest amount of money every now and then to a cause I feel is important.

I want to be a good steward of the blessings God has given to my family. I do not want to be motivated by the love of money. I do not want to live in a huge house with huge SUV's and a big screen TV and feel like "I've made it". Instead, I want to be motivated by peace of mind to free myself to work on other causes as an expression of my faith.

Does this make me un-American? All snark aside, whether it does or not is irrelevant... as long as I'm apart of God's Kingdom.


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