Moral Contradictions

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yet another plea

Must the entire political discourse of our nation include abortion politics? Everything has a Roe v. Wade component. The Supreme Court nomination, ambassadorships, everything. The Right isn't the only culprit... just as much as they want to knock the 1973 ruling down, the Left is willing to fight to the death for its defense.

Seriously, can we just pass a law that says no political official may say the word abortion for one year? Within that year concrete problems will be worked on and solved.

I do not wish to belittle abortion as I absolutely hate the practice. The libertarian streak in me asks what right does the government have to intervene while the Christian part is disgusted.

What will happen if conservatives get their way and abortion is completely outlawed and homosexuals are openly persecuted or even jailed? What kind of country will that be? Sure, millions will continue to live without healthcare, overall wages struggle to keep up with inflation, the middle-class is smaller than ever before, and our soldiers continue to die for a war that has over 30 justifications... but dang-it, abortion and homosexuality has been stopped!

As a lover of history, I look back to Prohibition and its raging success. Not agreeing with a practice is one thing, but you can never completely have it stopped. I muse that the fight for these issues is simply to put conservatives' minds at ease that because the law says no, people will stop. If that day comes, they'll sleep easy while progressives will continue fighting for the everyday issues that affect everyone within the political spectrum.


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