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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Food Lion and today

A few years ago I was at the beach with a good friend and we were looking for something to do on the island one evening. I remembered there was a Food Lion "just a few miles" north, and we set out to find it. The longer we drove, the more my friend doubted my knowledge of its location. Several times I offered reassurement that it had to be just up ahead, even though I wasn't fully convinced for that same doubt crept inside of me.

Miles ticked by and I knew we were getting closer, despite feeling pressure that I had to prove my knowledge of island geography. I knew I had seen the store before, but had I misjudged? Yet, because the island was quite narrow, turning around meant defeat and humiliation. What if we turned around and it really was just around the corner? All that time spent driving away from the beach house would have been for naught.

Finally we arrived, yet we were hurried because it was getting late. We couldn't enjoy it. We were worried about being scolded. We didn't realize just how far we came until we drove the distance back to the house. The drive was silent as we each asked ourselves "Was it really worth it? Should we have found something else closer in to do?"

Sure enough, upon returning the questioning commenced. "We were worried, where did you go? Why did you go that far? There was another store only a few minutes in the other direction!"

Folks, we're being lead on a path where it seems like no one, not even the Adminstration, knows the distance until we can pull-out of Iraq. The longer we head down this path, the more doubt settles in. We are offered reassurement that once we arrive, the journey will be worth it. However, our drivers are historically arrogant in being that they don't like to admit mistakes.

For the above reasons, I'm troubled by what the Washington Post will report Sunday as the lowering of expectations for progress in Iraq. I guess if the Army can lower its recruiting goals to issue press releases of meeting their monthly quotas, the White House can do the same. Essentially, the war we were sold and the sacrifices our soldiers make everyday will be cheapened as our goals are reduced. In my simple mind, that's not cool.

I know it's a tough battle, I know more will die, and I know a lot of good is happening over there. However, the longer we go down this path, the more doubt I have. I am not reassured by articles like these, I'm not reassured by the class I took on middle east history last year, I'm not reassured knowing that one of the steps toward Israel being created was because the British through its hands up with its "white-man's burden" and left Palestine in chaos. We took many unprecedented steps these past few years, justifying them against our high expectations for Iraq. I pray we don't have to suffer the indignity of France and Germany wagging the "I told you so" finger at us.

As more mishaps occur along this path the need to see progress overshadowing suicide attacks grows even more urgent. Time is running short, and the return on our investment in this war is in jeopardy.

I ask the question that so many asked yet were ridiculed as un-American in 2002: Did America bite off more than it could chew? I hope not, for we must succeed. Reading this article makes me question if President Bush really knows the true distance to the next Food Lion.


  • I loved this article. Though we know it was written by people who hate America and love the terrorists.

    By Blogger Thomas, at Sunday, August 14, 2005 3:58:00 AM  

  • Politics is about power, Christianity is not. Jesus changed the world by personally ministering to the poor. Yet the religious government killed Him. Where are our priorities?

    Well said. I was surfing the blogosphere tonight and stumbled into your blog. Are you still a church going believer? Just wondering.....there is an epidemic of disillusionment going on out there with the church in general, maybe you're aware of that, maybe not.
    Anyway, I liked your words about "Politics is power, Christianity is not". Good stuff.

    By Blogger Pam Hogeweide, at Sunday, August 14, 2005 4:30:00 AM  

  • Thomas, if we fail in Iraq it'll "them liberal's fault"...

    Pam, yes I still go to church... I attend with my wife where she's the Youth and Children's minister... I just found I have to be picky, for I believe a lot of churches and spokesmen have caused more disillusionment than salvation...

    By Blogger Nathan, at Sunday, August 14, 2005 11:58:00 AM  

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