Moral Contradictions

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Justice Sunday II - Full of crap

I've largely tried to ignore Justice Sunday II b/c it's quite tiresome and I believe many people can largely see through it. Just like listening to Sean Hannity take the high ground in an argument, I automatically tune it out.

However, the fact that Tom DeLay is headlining the event is astounding. I mean, really, who better to present as the face of Christianity than such a humble, honest, nice person than him? I truly believe that his transparent and obviously moral life should be the example of all Christians who wish to exercise dominion over God's chosen country.

Figures he's a Southern Baptist... woohoo. Do you understand why I write this blog? Why I am completely saddened by what happened to the SBC, the organization I grew up in?

God save us.

//Truthfully, I believe as the racist past of Tom Perkins is remembered, Ralph Reed's shady dealings with Jack Abramoff is remembered, and as Tom DeLay is presented as the Christian poster-child, more and more (I pray) true Christians will realize the extremism at hand and reject their ilk. As the Religious Right continues to move even farther to the proverbial Right, they'll take less with them. Combine this with the Republican Party's arrogant ruling attitude that makes it seem they believe they will always be in power, and 2006 and 2008 will be quite interesting indeed.


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