Moral Contradictions

Monday, August 08, 2005

A lesson that we are not God

Church yesterday hit the spot. The hymns were good, the Scripture reading was good, and as usual, Dr. Marsh threw some incredible insight and wisdom on a passage of Scripture I've heard time and time again.

Something he said leading up to Communion struck me. He said something to the effect of 'we don't control who joins us at the table of communion just like we don't control who goes to heaven'. Wow. He expounded on it a little further saying 'we may just be surprised to see who makes it to heaven'.

As communion came before the sermon, he subtlely intertwined the above sentiment around Luke 14:7-14 and titled it "Table Manners". Basically a call to be humble, because how much more glorious is it to be asked to come to the head of the table as opposed to being asked to move down?

After poking through some other blogs, I wonder how many Christians would remember Jesus' instruction in this passage? How many Christians are so righteous and so full of themselves that they just head for the best seat, the best position, etc? I pray that none of us would be like that, and I certainly pray that I keep this parable in mind throughout my daily walk.


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